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Wall hangings and War Memorials


Between the three lancet windows are two large rectangular plates which originally originally hung on the walls of the Old Douglas Chapel then were mounted in the chancel on each side of the east windowand now can be found at the back of church.

The plates can be seen below. The Lord's Prayer and the Creed is written on one of them and the Ten Commandments on the other.


Framed scroll.

                          The creed and Lord's Prayer          The ten Commandments.

On the north wall is a large framed scroll. This beautiful scroll records the gift of 'the rose window and the St. Michael ' and ' Joshua' windows, which were given by the parishioners as a war memorial.


Unusually, it remembers not only the men of Parbold who died in the First World War but also honours those who served and survived this war. It is a very beautiful scroll as you can see from some of the highlighted sections below.


Words on the scroll














names on the scroll.names on the scroll.names on the scroll.names on the scroll.names on the scroll.names on the scroll.



Illustration in bottom left corner. Illustration in top left corner.
















In the centre of the north wall is a bronze war memorial listing the names of the fifteen parishioners who died ' in the service of their King and Country in the Great War, 1914-1918.' There is also a plaque on the north wall in memory of Capt. Arthur Clive Leech who was killed in action in the Dardenelles in 1915.


Remembering the fallen.


To each side of the World War 1 Memorial a brass plate has been added to record the names of the eighteen parishioners who were killed in the 1939-1945 War (World War 2).      


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