History and Architecture: The Bells


Bells in the Bell tower.

There are eight bells in the bell tower at Christ Church. Six were hung in 1908 and a further two in 1946.

Because the bells are different weights they produce different notes. This enables Christ Church's bell ringers to produce the lovely cascading sound that you hear at weddings. It also means the bell ringers can enjoy working the bells to create different tunes and rhythms.


The six bells donated in 1908 are listed in the table below.

They were made and hung in an iron frame by John Taylor and Company, of Loughborough and dedicated by the Bishop of Manchester in November, 1908.



Information about the bells


The bells given to the church in 1946 were:

Information about the bells.


One of the bells in the bell tower. Photograph taken in 1962 looking down from the tower at the bellringers below.


Photograph of Bell ringers taken in 1962



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